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London History Teacher in the hotseat

Posted by | November 5, 2011 | Teaching abroad


Angharad is superb Humanities and PE specialist that has been teaching in London for the past year. Welcome to the chair !

1. What inspired you to be a teacher ?

I would have to say my year 8 History teacher. He made history sound so inviting, unbelievable, and fun, and that is something I love to pass onto the people I meet, either at schools or when I’m volunteering as a tour guide in museums

2. What are the best things about teaching in London ?

Teaching here is an experience of a lifetime; each school is so different from the previous. The really best part I find is using the holidays to travel to the places that we’ve been studying in class and seeing them first hand myself.

3. A few of the worst please ?

Knowing that in winter, the slightest bit of snow and the transport system will fall to pieces.

4. What are the main differences between British and Aussie Kids ?

Aussie kids seem to be more independent in class, but love their team sports, while British kids love to have group work or class discussions, really getting involved with it.

5. Are there any major differences in the curriculums ?

I would have to say the biggest difference is that in SA, we teach history, geography, RE, Citizenship all under the ‘SOSE’ (Studies of Society and Environment) banner. This gives us a much incorporate a theme or topic within the numerous subject areas. Many schools are starting to do whole school themes, which gives the kids a sense of continuity from subject to subject, which I would love to introduce to schools here.

6. Any plans to teach outside of the UK or go back to Australia ?

At this point in time, I’m enjoying being here in the UK teaching, and spending my holidays visiting all the places around Europe that I have read about. I may eventually go back to Australia, or I might move elsewhere in the world. It’s a big place, and I’ve only just started to explore it.

7. What other sports do you enjoy ?

You name it, I’ve played it! The main ones for me to be playing would have to be netball and tennis, but I love to watch football, basketball, cricket and ruby.

8. Perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon ?

If the weather is fine, just strolling around the city, getting lost within the streets and finding a lovely cafe tucked away. But if it’s raining, museums all the way. London has so many that you can never run out of places to visit.

9. What’s your favourite pub ?

The Punch and Judy near St. Paul’s, I just love the name of the place, but the atmosphere in there is always great, be it Sunday afternoon or Friday night.

10. Favourite restaurant ?

Definitely Cafe Rouge as it was the first meal out in London that I had.

11. Favourite place ?

Without a doubt, Whitechapel, you’ve got Spitalfields market, the 5 Bells Pub and the streets are still just as narrow and twisted as when Jack the Ripper roamed them

12. Any plans for the rest of the year…

I’m planning on travelling around Wales and parts of Western UK towards the end of the year to see family and friends, then off to St Petersburg next April (hopefully) to see the Peter and Paul fortress, the Winter Palace, then down to Volgograd (Stalingrad) to see Vasily Zaytsev’s sniper rifle.

13. Where do you live ?

I currently live in West Wimbledon, near the A3 and Raines Park, which makes travel convenient.



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