Extracurricular Activities for 2012

Posted by | November 28, 2011 | Teaching abroad


Surfing Club: Live near the beach, love the water, get students involved in a surfing club. Surfing is almost a religion for some, so if you have the opportunity to encourages this, your pupils will be  fit for life (unless a shark gets them).

Music.  Trending at the moment with popular shows like Glee. Why not learn an instrument, join a band and become the next Beatles. You’ll be more popular with the opposite sex, and you’ll be able to entertain your grandma at Xmas.

Scuba Diving.   Use the pool and teach your pupils to dive. A great sport and one students can progress to Divemaster and Instructor level in a fairly short time. Give students an opportunity to learn about the ecosystem and dive with sharks.

Sailing.   Another one like diving, if you live near the sea or a reservoir then it’s a must. We love the idea of enthusing pupils into sports that can be turned into careers that almost seem like a pastime. Set your pupils on the road to a glamorous lifestyle chartering the rich and famous around the Caribbean.

The  Bushman’s Club.  Make a fire, build a shelter, and look after oneself for a night should needs must.  Give the pupils some basic survival skills.

A Handyman’s Course. Survival at home:  Change a light bulb, change a fuse or hang wallpaper.  A 100 basic skills  our grand parents could teach us.

Meditation Course. In this fast and furious modern day mayhem, what better way to equip the generation of tomorrow with the some basic meditations skills to find peace and happiness from within !

Chess Club. Put away the XBox, bin the Playstation, let chess encourage planning, and strategy. I once read of a company that would only accept job applicants from people that could beat their computer at chess.

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