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CRB Guidlines for Teaching in the UK

Posted by | April 23, 2012 | Teaching abroad


What is an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Check?  An Enhanced CRB is a check against a persons criminal history background

Why do I need one?  Since the introduction of legislation in 2002, all people working with children in the UK, that have unsupervised access, are required to have an Enhanced Disclosure from the CRB

When do I need one?   A CRB is required at the commencement of, and/or the change of, any employment

• NB. If you are registered with more than one agency it may be possible to use the same CRB check as long as the agency that holds the original check is happy to confirm their countersignatory status and any disclosable outcomes that may or may not be present

What is the process?

• If you have a current CRB check through another agency:
o Sign a ‘consent for release of information on previous Disclosure’ form
• If we cannot obtain confirmation of a previous CRB check, we will need to perform a new CRB check application, which we will inform you of. You will then need to:
o Come to the Job2teach office to check and complete the application form
o Ensure you know your addresses from the last 5 years
o Only complete the ‘NI Number’ if you have been for an interview to get a number.
o NB. Please check all inputted data including spelling! If in doubt, ask us!
• You will then need to provide us with three forms of proof of ID (if you haven’t already)
• Sign the completed form
• The form will now be sent off to the CRB, through Civil and Corporate, for processing

How long does it take to process?

• The disclosure process can take up to 6 weeks

Can I work in the meantime?

• Teachers are able to work without a CRB clearance, provided:
1. A List 99 clearance is completed
2. References/Referees have been checked satisfactorily
3. A police check from the persons country of origin is provided
4. The school concerned has been provided a form reference number (if requested)

How much does a CRB cost?

• The CRB charges £36 per application
• A further £15 costs are incurred through the use of a third party, ‘Civil & Corporate’
• The total cost to Job2teach of obtaining a CRB check is therefore £51
• We do not charge you for a CRB check until you have worked for us
• We then recoup £50 in your first weeks pay (NB. This allows for a tax saving)

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