CV writing essentials for teachers

With April being the peak month for recruitment of teachers for the new academic year, it’s time to polish your CV if you are hoping to secure a position for September 2014.

An Agency with a difference

I don’t know whether you have been watching the 6 Nations Rugby on the TV but, if you have, you might have noticed the Gillette adverts at each break featuring famous international rugby stars. Job2teach recently donated a hundred, hardwearing gym mats that were used on the advert to one of the schools that we … Continued

Teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Where are the schools? A lot of the schools we work with are based around Damman and Al Khobar which is located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia about one hour’s drive from Bahrain.

Jaime Comandari at the Antigua International School, Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala is one of the most cosmopolitan and lovely cities in Latin America. It is a charming colonial city (XVI) with all the amenities of the modern world. La Antigua is just 45 kms. away from Guatemala City, a big, noisy, very western look city. Living in Guatemala is cheap. A single teacher … Continued

Danny Harrington, Director of ITS, on life in Hong Kong

What’s it like living in Hong Kong ? Very easy is the simple answer. Crime is low, people are law abiding, everything works, public transport is great, English is an official language. Plenty to do. City and country side by side.  

Aaron Ship in Chengdu

Aaron Ship is a teacher at the Chengdu Meishi International School, welcome to the hot seat !