Teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Where are the schools?

A lot of the schools we work with are based around Damman and Al Khobar which is located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia about one hour’s drive from Bahrain.

Tell us about the salaries

Salaries are exceptional, tax free and dependent on qualification and experience.  Rest assured we are looking for the best people in the industry and you will be remunerated accordingly.

Anything else in the package

  • 3 return flights a year
  • Private medical insurance


How long are the contracts?

Contracts are 1 year renewable.

Can I take my family?

Of course! There are no problems on that front and our partners in KSA will assist you in applying for visas.

Where do I live?

The choice is yours. A lot of foreigners prefer to live on compounds and there is a selection to choose from, alternatively you can rent an apartment. For more information on compounds, a quick search on google brings up a whole host to choose from. They are a little more expensive than renting a flat, but there lies, an instant social life and a lot of teachers in a similar position.


How many teaching hours per week?

25 teaching hours and you will need to be on site for 40 hours per week.

Who am I teaching and what is their level?

Learners are aged from 18-25 and their level is fairly basic.

What can we do at the weekends?

Vibrant Bahrain is a popular place for many reasons including its multi-cultural society. KSA has a rich cultural heritage ranging from architecture and archaeology through to all the facilities of a fast paced, modern society including contemporay cuisine and many places of interest.

The process…

Well we are always on the lookout for teachers who can answer yes to the following questions: The recruitment process is to a standard and the basic pre vetting questions are:

  • Are you male?
  • Are you under 55?
  • Do you have a recognized TEFL certificate?
  • Do you have a degree?
  • Do you have 4 years experience teaching TEFL English in schools?


 What next….

 Recruitment Workshops

A recruitment workshop is held is held in London, Philippines and in the States. The London workshop would normally happen 3 times a year.

So you have submitted your CV and it’s passed our vetting procedure. We have now sent it on to our partner in Saudi Arabia and then this would have been forwarded to our client.  A little time later, we will then inform you if you have been invited to interview.

Interview day

Arrive nice and early, dressed very smartly and looking to make an impression.   You will have a 30 minute interview with a panel in which time you will get some technical questions, probably on grammar and your teaching methodology.

You will then be informed if you passed the interview on the same day.


Congratulations, you have accepted an offer! You’re now on your way but first you’ll need a visa and this requires passing your details onto a specialist company that will process and liaise with the Embassy. They will need to do a background investigation check, have your certifications verified at the Embassy and arrange a medical. This part takes about 4-8 weeks.

There it is, the opportunity of a lifetime! Send us your CV today and be on your way to KSA!

Rasheed Shah
Rasheed, our very likeable and competent man from Al Falak